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Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Pancakes with Maple SyrupI believe in living healthy and green. And that by taking little steps in the right direction, I will achieve my goal. But, it’s not always easy.

Most mornings, my breakfast is a little fruit, cottage cheese and coffee with low fat milk. Once in a while I’ll have a piece of whole grain toast. But, today I made pancakes. I chose the Heart Smart Bisquick pancake mix because it doesn’t have all the chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients that the other mixes have. And if all the white flour and Mrs. Butterworth syrup wasn’t bad enough, I cooked them in a Teflon pan so I wouldn’t have a crumbly, stuck to the pan mess. Once in a while it’s OK to splurge, right?

After making twice as many pancakes as we would eat, I served mom and dished up mine. I ate too fast. I added too much syrup. I ate too many pancakes. I felt uncomfortably full for hours. So did mom. I decided the right thing to do at that point was to drink lots of water to flush all that glop thru my system, but I could barely sip a little lukewarm coffee.

Stomach Soothing Complex and time were the only two things that helped. Tomorrow … I’m going back to fruit, cottage cheese and coffee with low fat milk.

Add a comment and let me know … What’s your favorite breakfast?  

Marilyn Kvasnok

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