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Understanding the Latest Media Attention on Multivitamins

Guest post by Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFP. Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Science, & Education at Shaklee Corporation

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Many of you have probably seen the headlines regarding multivitamins and their inability to prevent chronic disease in the past few days – the result of three studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Starting from a 30,000-foot view, the premise of these studies is the first problem: looking at the use of a multivitamin alone as a way to prevent disease. The purpose of a multivitamin is to fill in nutritional gaps and provide optimum levels of vitamins and minerals. It is well established that the vast majority of Americans fail to obtain even adequate levels of these nutrients.

Prevention of any disease is a multi-factorial process that has to include diet, weight management, and lifestyle. To expect to see disease prevention accomplished by virtue of taking a daily multivitamin is a flawed premise. So, why are these large-scale (and very expensive) studies undertaken? It is simply the model of research that scientists and physicians understand – studying a single drug to determine what effect it may have on a single disease. Studying nutrition is far more complex.

While a drug has a primary effect (usually something positive), they also have a myriad of side effects (which are usually negative and even life threatening). Every year pharmaceuticals are removed from the market because of these serious side effects. A study published in JAMA in 1998 showed that as many as 125,000 Americans die each year of properly prescribed pharmaceuticals – wow! When was the last time a vitamin was removed from the market?

Vitamins and minerals all have multiple positive functional roles to play in our bodies – which is why so many Americans pop a multi each day. People simply feel better when they take a multi because they are filling in those all too common nutrition gaps.

All three of these studies showed that multivitamins have an excellent safety profile. Well, of course they do! The only “potential harm” that continues to be mentioned every time we have a study such as this published is the slight increased risk of lung cancer in smokers who took beta carotene. My response to that is – smokers: stop smoking!

Let me quickly summarize these studies. The largest one is another report from the Physician Health Study – previous publications of data from this large government funded study did show an association of reduced cancer associated with multivitamin usage.

The next study looked at cognitive decline in physicians – who are at the upper end of the intelligence scale and pretty well nourished. Showing a significant change in cognitive decline in this population is going to take some intervention beyond a multi – as this population is most likely doing lots of the right things to protect their brain function.

The third study tried to show that higher doses of specific vitamins decrease the likelihood of a second heart attack in folks who have already had a heart attack. Hmmm. Maybe we should look at weight reduction, cholesterol, blood pressure lowering, and blood sugar management as opposed to putting the burden of prevention of a second heart attack in someone with heart disease on vitamins!

I have been recommending a multivitamin (and beyond) to my patients, and consumers in general, for my entire 30 years as a physician – and nothing in these studies changes my mind. The statistics on inadequacies in our American diet are clear – most everyone is deficient in multiple nutrients. Here at Shaklee, we have the Landmark Study, published in the journal Nutrition in 2007 that showed a nice correlation of better health with multiple supplement usage, starting with a multivitamin. We have over 100 published studies that validate the connection of nutrition and health. I urge you to continue taking your Shaklee supplements – but also, to remember the importance of eating healthfully, avoiding fast foods, and getting to a healthy weight on your journey to better health.

Be well!

The Landmark Study

Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFPChair of Medical Affairs, Health Science, & Education
Dr. Jamie McManus is an acclaimed author, board-certified family physician, and highly regarded educational speaker who has been featured in numerous radio and television shows. She is responsible for ensuring best practices in clinical research, scientific design, product development, and product messaging. A longtime advocate of preventative medicine, Dr. McManus is most passionate about inspiring others to take charge of their health through simple lifestyle changes and proper nutrition. In her downtime, she enjoys running, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and playing with her 3-year-old granddaughter.

She doesn’t go a day without taking her Shaklee products, starting her day with a Shaklee 180™ Shake and Shaklee Vitalizer™.

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Does it matter to you whether you take them or not?
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How We Age

Your Almighty Immune System Aging is a complex but natural process that affects every cell, organ, and body function you have. It’s impacted by a number of factors, including genetics, nutritional habits, and other lifestyle aspects. But how exactly do we age? Well, scientists have been developing theories of aging for centuries, and more recently have invested billions of dollars into research in hopes of developing interventions to help alter or slow the aging process. To date, research suggests there are several key mechanisms involved:

DNA Damage
Every day the DNA of our cells is under assault. The causes—oxidative damage as a result of normal metabolism, mistakes in cell replication, and exposure to environmental factors such as radiation and other toxins. These assaults can cause “genetic typos” or more mistakes in DNA replication. Eventually, these mutations accumulate, causing cells to malfunction and die.

Declines in Cell Energy Production
Mitochondria are “intra-cellular power plants” that convert carbohydrates, fats, and protein from the foods we eat into cellular energy. However, as we age the number of mitochondria in our cells and their ability to produce energy decreases. In addition, the production of cell energy itself creates free radicals (highly reactive and unstable molecules) which damage mitochondrial membranes and cellular DNA. Over time, this damage accumulates and mitochondria stop functioning.

Formation of AGEs
As we age, the formation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) occurs. They form when sugar molecules attach to proteins leading to structural changes called protein cross-links. AGE proteins build up slowly but accumulate as we age, and damage body tissues. Numerous studies also suggest that AGE proteins are associated with a number of age-related diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Decreased Cellular Defenses
How we age is related to the activity of genetic regulators—proteins that control the expression of genes. Nrf2 has been identified by scientists as a key master genetic regulator, and is now believed to control and coordinate the cells’ diverse natural defenses—antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory activities, detoxification enzymes, as well as our cells’ ability to repair DNA and produce energy. Not surprisingly, research focusing on the role Nrf2 plays as our “guardian of longevity” has greatly increased in recent years.

Remember: Although the years of your life can’t be changed, scientists are researching ways to help slow the rate you age, and how well you can age with a healthy lifestyle.

The World's Best Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic

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