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Children’s Nutrition Story

I have a Children’s Nutrition Story! I have an autistic granddaughter who just turned 7 years old. She, until recently, was not very responsive or verbal. She would answer in one or two words to a question. She would choose not to look a person in the eye most of the time, and would not follow most requests, seeming to ignore any request.

After a couple weeks on the Shaklee Mighty Smarts (1 a day), Shakleekids™ Incredivites™ (2), Meal Shakes (1 AM serving), and Optiflora Capsule (1) per day, along with a diet where her sugar was greatly decreased, something phenomenal happened. One day while I was babysitting her, Abi was coloring (scribbling) on a picture from a coloring book, and looked at the crayons before her, wanting to choose another color. I picked up the green crayon, showed it to her, and said, “Why don’t you use the green crayon.” She put her crayon down, looked right at me, and said, “I like the purple crayon better,” picked up the purple crayon, and continued to color. My mouth dropped open in amazement. Then I noticed that when I asked her to take her lunch plate into the kitchen and put it on the counter near the sink, she followed directions and did exactly what I asked. She dropped nothing, and didn’t crash it into the sink as I expected. She had less “fits” and they were less severe. Then I noticed throughout the rest of the afternoon that she was speaking in full sentences and looking right at me when she spoke. WOW! I asked her mother if she noticed any changes. She said, “Oh, yes, and so has her teacher.” Then EZ-Gest was introduced as well, because we heard Autistic children are deficient in digestive enzymes. She did very well with this program.

However, later the mother put her back on a sugary and starchy diet, took away the Incredivites™, Mighty Smart, and Optiflora. She is still a little improved, especially her sentence structure and willingness to make eye contact. But she is not doing as well since her supplements have been reduced and her diet has declined in quality.

I know Shaklee and diet change together can make a real difference for Autistic children. Just try it! And be patient. I’d be glad to talk with anyone who has an Autistic child and has any questions.


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