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Elsie’s Journey from Alzheimers

Mom today at 89 with her son Bill

Mom today at 89 with her son Bill

Our Mom had become bed-ridden, wore diapers and seldom recognized family or friends. We bathed, dressed, and fed her. She was diagnosed with the beginning of the worst stage of Alzheimers.

Mom was prescribed Aricept and slept for those 7 months. Next they prescribed Exelon, another 3 months of sleeping. Were Alzheimer drugs just meant to keep patients sedated? Then came Namenda, Mom became violently ill, lay in bed in pain and lost 30 pounds in less than 30 days.

We decided to stop all prescription medications and get her on a Shaklee Supplement program to give her body the benefits of health. She took Vita-Lea Gold, Memory Optimizer, Herb-Lax, Energizing Soy Protein and Optiflora. Within a few weeks she started getting up on her own and showing improvements. Then Shaklee introduced a new product, Vivix.

Within a few weeks of adding Vivix, Mom began recognizing family members, she remembers all her children again. She can brush her teeth, wash and dress herself, and no longer wear diapers. She does the dishes and sweeps the patio. When we shop she has conversations with other people. She plays with her great grandchildren. Many songs & rhymes she didn’t remember before, she now sings and recites to them. Her long term memory returned, though not perfect, and has selective short term memory. Today Mom is only stage 1-2 Alzheimers.

A few times when we forgot to give her the supplements or when the Vivix wasn’t available she became listless and confused. Not only is that stressful for Mom, but it makes it very difficult for us as her caregivers. We now see to it we have an ample supply and it always travels with us.

Judy, Sandy and Bill K

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