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Heart Repair

Hi Paula,
Your husband’s story about Parkinson’s and Vivix is fantastic! I too feel that Shaklee came to me for a reason.

My oldest son had Cancer in 2003 when he was 17; I was introduced to Shaklee in 2004. After his treatments of Chemo and radiation his heart was damaged and only working on 3 muscles. The Doctors put him on medication to compensate for the damaged muscle and told him not to exert himself, lift heavy objects or over do things and get too run down. This was very hard for a 21-year-old when all his friends are out being very active.

I immediately put him on everything possible to strengthen his heart and build muscle. A few months went by and he started having fainting spells so he went into emergency to get checked out since he almost fainted at work. The doctor there looked up his history and saw the information about his heart and said he might have to have a pacemaker put in but to come back in the morning for more testing. My son left there devastated that afternoon.

He went back in the next day for testing and the results were incredible. The reason he was having fainting spells was that the medication was too strong for a heart that is perfectly normal. His heart had been rebuilt and the dead muscle working again. Of course the doctors couldn’t explain this because he was supposed to be on medication for the rest of his life.

You and I know better. I am forever grateful to Dr. Shaklee and all his wisdom.

Leslie M., Ontario Canada

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