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Office Exercises

Whether you work in an office cubicle, a private, corner office with a view or your home business office, you’re probably doing a lot of sitting. Several times during the day, it would be a good idea to get up and DO SOMETHING … And I don’t mean going to the employee lounge for coffee and a donut or outside for a smoke. If there’s no where you need to go, like to another office or walk upstairs for a meeting, at least get up and exercise.

Here’s a chart with easy office exercises that will inspire you to stand up, stretch, reach and do a short exercise routine.

Office Exercise Poster

Download the full size Office Exercise Poster.

See how to do each of these exercises and rate them yourself.
Washington Post article: A workout at work?

Leave a comment with your favorite exercise routine.

Marilyn Kvasnok

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  2. I found, printed, and posted near my desk two posters showing stretches and exercises I can do in my cubicle.

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