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45 Reasons to Get Healthy

45 Reasons to Get Healthy

The number one New Year’s Resolution:  Lose weight and get healthy. But, it’s not going to happen without a plan. My first step is to figure out WHY I want to get healthy. Here are 45 reasons …

  1. I want to feel good.
  2. I want to smile when I look in the mirror.
  3. Because beauty starts on the inside.
  4. I want to prevent disease.
  5. I want a strong heart.
  6. Healthy is sexy.
  7. I want to be a good example to my family and friends.
  8. I have goals I want to reach.
  9. Staying healthy is cheaper than being sick.
  10. I’m ready to do a 180 and lose the fat forever.
  11. I want lean, stong muscles.
  12. It’s the only place I have to live.
  13. I want strong bones.
  14. I want to stay active.
  15. I want to maintain a healthy weight.
  16. I made a commitment to myself.
  17. I want to feel good in my clothes.
  18. I am not a quitter.
  19. I have a long bucket list to accomplish.
  20. I want a healthy brain.
  21. I want good eating habits.
  22. Life is worth living.
  23. Because I am in charge of my life.
  24. I want to wear my skinny jeans.
  25. Because not working out isn’t working out for me.
  26. I want to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia.
  27. If you rest, you rust.
  28. I want to keep my blood pressure low.
  29. I want to travel.
  30. Because vitamins are better than medication.
  31. I know healthy is the right thing to do.
  32. Eating healthy and controlling my weight prevents diabetes.
  33. I want to dance at my grandchild’s wedding.
  34. I want to live a long and healthy life.
  35. I want to feel happy.
  36. Because I’m worth it.
  37. I want to breathe easy.
  38. I want healthy, glowing skin.
  39. I want my family to be proud of me.
  40. I want to add years to my life.
  41. Because I am stronger than my excuses.
  42. Because mom would be proud.
  43. I want more energy.
  44. I want healthy lungs.
  45. Because I can.

Leave a comment with YOUR reasons to get healthy.

Download a printable list:  45 Reasons to Get Healthy

Marilyn Kvasnok

Get Ready To Do a 180

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