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Word Crimes by Al Yankovic

Is proper English dead?
We’re learning to abbreviate and use emoticons to text and tweet.

This has come to the attention of Weird Al Yankovic, who has been writing and performing song parodies for years. His newest song, Word Crimes, says it all.

Never Leave the Playground

Stephen Jepson | Never Leave the Playground | How to stay young in mind and body #video

Stephen Jepson is 71 years young. He’s on the go all day long. It’s what keeps his body and mind in great shape.

Stephen is an inventor, a retired college arts professor and a ceramic artist. But today, his focus is balance. As people age, they begin to lose their ability to balance. Stephen believes the activities he spends his day doing, has helped him keep his balance. It has also kept his mind sharp.

Every time I watch this video I see something new. The last time, I noticed he has 2 different colored shoe laces! Isn’t that just like a kid?

Can you do what Stephen Jepson does?

No matter what your age, it’s never too late to start. Begin with something simple and gradually increase repetitions and difficulty. If you think it’s work, you probably won’t keep doing it. Take a lesson from Stephen. He’s having fun. He’s like a kid, playing in the playground.

What are you doing to keep moving and learning?

Leave a comment with your favorite staying-young activity.

Marilyn Kvasnok

Pop Virtual Bubble Wrap. Come on … You know you want to!

Bubble Wrap® has been a source of fascination for people of all ages since its invention. Here is an environmentally friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with it all along: POP IT!

Pop Virtual Bubble Wrap. Come on ... You know you want to!

Disclaimer: Virtual Bubble Wrap® is a fun site with a flash game that lets you pop bubblewrap on your computer. This site is intended as humor and is not to be used to protect fragile items while transporting. We accept no responsibility for damage to your computer or belongings should you attempt to package your breakables with our virtual bubblewrap. Please enjoy our fun flash game which is a silly, strange, bizarre, weird, useless, funny, silly, mindless, time waster and stress reliever.

Getting Old

Mary Maxwell

Seniors. I love them!

A few years ago, at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner, Mary Maxwell was asked to deliver the invocation. It starts out OK. But, instead of leaving the podium at the end of the prayer, Ms. Maxwell continues, to the delight of the audience.

Do you know anyone like Mary Maxwell?
Leave a comment if you like this video.

Marilyn Kvasnok

Anti-Stress Kit

Anti-Stress Kit Front

An Anti-Stress Kit makes a great gift. I’ve given them to all the teachers as an end of the school year thank you. I’ve given them to all the doctors, nurses, therapists and aides after a hospital stay … A couple of times. And I always have a few just to say thank you on the moment’s notice.

Anti-Stress Kit

You’ll need a small bottle to hold the contents.
The first time I made them, I found round glass bottles (like a globe) with a plastic, screw on top. They were at a local craft store for 35 cents each. Other times, I found cylinder shaped bottles (pictured) and mini-mugs with tops. The last time, I shopped at a dollar store and bought plastic salt and pepper shakers with a covered butter dish. So, for $1.00, I got 2 bottles. Plus, I used the cover to the butter dish for a drawer divider. I’m still looking for a use for the butter dish bottom.

Anti-Stress Kit Parts

Anti-Stress Kit contents.
• Eraser … I used a small one that fits on top of a pencil.
• Penny … Shiny and new.
• Marble.
• Rubber band.
• String … About 6 inches long.
• Hershey Kiss candy
• Hershey Hugs candy

• Ribbon … Long enough to go around the neck of the bottle and tie.

• Anti-Stress Kit Card

This Anti-Stress Kit Contains:
An eraser, so you can make all
Of your troubles disappear.
A penny, so you can never
say you’re broke.
A marble, in case someone
says you’ve lost all of yours.
A rubber band, to stretch yourself
beyond your limits.
A string, to tie things together
when they fall apart.
And hugs & kisses, to remind you
that someone, somewhere, cares.

Print this verse on card stock.
You can download mine here.

On the back of the verse, you can add your contact info or the reason for the gift.
I’ve also added my business card in addition to the verse.

Use a one hole punch to make it easy to thread the ribbon.

Anti-Stress Kit Back

Marilyn Kvasnok
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