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Where There’s Smoke . . .

We used to have parties. Big parties with lots of friends, good food, drinks and music. The house would be filled with the happy sounds of people having fun – And smoking. How did we ever put up with it?

Then, a strange thing happened at one party. The ashtrays were empty! Finally, all our friends had quit smoking. Maybe the Attorney General’s warning’s had gotten to us. Maybe we just wised up. Whatever it was, it was over. That was years ago. We haven’t had an ashtray in the house since.

What a turn-around . . .
I had gotten to the point of walking out of restaurants if they allowed smoking. Even if they had a “non-smoking section.” Isn’t that like having a no-pee zone in your pool? Eventually we found the restaurants that were smoke free. And now, they all are. So, we’re able to go to any restaurant.

Sometimes, you can tell if a person smokes just by looking at them. Years of smoking ages the skin and deepens the wrinkles. And the smoke lingers in their hair and on their clothes. It probably seeps right thru their skin.

There’s lots of help for smokers who want to quit. The key is “wanting” to quit. Smoking is no longer “cool.” It’s no longer “in.” But, the addiction is the hard part to overcome.

Resources for smokers who are ready to quit . . .

Marilyn Kvasnok

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